January 2016. Bernie Sanders fans 1 and 2 enter the room.

Bernie Sanders fan 1:

“Hey, maybe if Senator Sanders is right about how rigged the electoral system is, we ought to consider a contingency plan in the likely event that a rigged system favours Clinton?”

Bernie Sanders fan 2:

“No way! He’s going to win, he has got huge grassroots support and momentum”

Bernie Sanders fan 1:

“Yes, and if we are to take Sanders at his word, we must conclude that the electoral system is designed with internal floodgates to withstand grassroot support and momentum”

Bernie Sanders fan 2:

“Stop being so negative. We just need to apply all efforts and energy to this one campaign”

Fast forward a couple of months, it’s super Tuesday and has become clear that the Sanders campaign is probably about to collapse

Bernie Sanders fan 1:

“Okay, it’s a little late in the day to think about this, but why don’t us Bernie supporters pool our talents and efforts and build a positive, class conscious, issue based movement…just look at the influence of black lives matter, occupy wall street etc – this could be far more significant than a single election campaign!”

Bernie Sanders fan 2:

“Better yet – lets all shout very loudly about how we are not going to vote for Clinton!! Screw Clinton!!”

Bernie Sanders fan 1:

“and what is that going to achieve?!?!”

Bernie sanders fan 2:

“it will send a message to the democratic party that we won’t vote for a bank loving warmonger! When Trump beats Clinton they’ll realise their mistake and move appropriately leftward!”

Bernie Sanders fan 1:

“You have way too much faith in the system. Moneyed, powerful political parties do not possess the capacity to reverse their class allegiance based on self reflection. This fact has been comprehensively demonstrated throughout parliamentary history. A Trump victory over Clinton will just be seen by the Democrats as license to move further rightwards and pursue a ‘toughening’ of their stance on immigration. Just look at the Labour party. Real change will only be possible via grassroots pressure, direct action and organisation. Clinton is an awful, bloodthirsty, right wing maniac, but if you live in a swing state come presidential election and you don’t vote for her, that’s a tacit vote in favour of someone who wants to build a wall along the Mexican border and ban muslims from entering the country”.

Bernie Sanders fan 2:



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